70-98% of Strategic plans fail

Strategic planning execution is a reflection of our focus to reach our vision.  Speaking from experience, it is hard work.

But just because other strategies fail, yours doesn't have to be that way.  We have developed an eight step methodology to increase the chances of your success.  

40 strategy navigation

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40 strategy navigation

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Eight Steps to Navigate Towards Success


Eight Steps

Step One

Clear Compass

Align your vision, mission and core values.

Step Two

select destination

Identify your long and short term goals.  Use clear language.

Step 3

chart journey

Develop the projects and tactics to reach your goals.

Step 4

weigh cargo

Increase the likelihood of success by evaluating your resources and planning for the removal of obstacles.

Step 5

sail ahead

Actively launch projects on-time to activate your strategic plan.

Step 6

Check bearing

Measure the leading indicators to assure strategies are moving towards your destination.  If not, review Step 3 to evaluate possible changes to plan.

Step 7

Reach destination

Evaluate whether you actually reached your destination and what you learned from the journey.  Celebrate success.

Step 8

select new destination

After reaching your destination,  use the binoculars to envision the next step to reach your ultimate goal.

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